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Chess is an ancient two player strategy board game believed to have originated from within India. Chess takes place on a chessboard with sixty four squares and is played with meticulous purpose given to pieces within a rigid grid movement system. Tournament chess is played with a chess clock, necessitating players to act under an allotted time limit. The first international chess tournament was held in London in 1851.

Over the years Ken has constructed many wooden chessboards which have been sold throughout the United States. They are available through distributors domestically and by direct order internationally, making excellent handmade wooden gifts.

The chessboard above is tournament size (2″1/4 squares), all solid wood, panel and frame construction, with traditional mortise and tenon joints at the corners. The frame is beveled to the outside. Each square is 1/8 ” above the frame.
Frame: overall size – 22″ x 22″ frame – 2″ wide x 1″ 1/8 deep Squares.

Pictured above with walnut and maple with a cherry frame. Priced at: $ 350

Wood chessboard - Hand made gifts - Solid wood

Custom Wood Chessboard:

This tournament sized wooden chessboard was made to order with a Maple frame and Cocobola border. The sixty four squares are made from Birdseye Maple and Wenge; mitered corners.

For price, contact Ken about his solid wood chessboards.

You can see more photos of Ken’s handmade wooden chessboards in his Bonanza booth. All of Ken Woodhead’sĀ handmade wood crafts are Vermont made requiring a great deal of precision and devotionĀ  which makes Ken stand out among all other Vermont woodworkers. You can contact Ken about a specific solid wood design idea for special order or to see what he has in stock at the moment.

Wood chessboard handmade in Vermont – Handmade wood gifts – Solid wood – Wood Chessboard