Curly Maple Chess Table
This new item is made entirely of curly maple. Dimensions 29″x24″x24″. Tapered legs 1 3/4″ to 1″. 12″ wide scalloped and dovetailed drawer. Squares are 2 1/4″.
Price: $ 1,750

Chess Table:
This table, 31″ long by 26″ wide and 29″ high, is slightly smaller than the one described above. Made of beautiful cherry, its tapered legs start at 1″3/4 and finish below at an inch wide. A convenient drawer scalloped in the middle is 12″ wide and 3″ high. The playing surface is made of curly maple and cherry squares — each 2″1/4 by 2″1/4. A 1/2″ ebony border surrounds the playing area that is flush with the table top.
Price: $1,750

Chess Table
Originally designed for Glen Hart of New Jersey. His main design feature was the extra wide sides for books etc. Dimensions 32″x28″x30″. Apron 3 1/2″ wide. Legs 1″ 3/4 tapered to 1″. Drawer 14″1/2 x 10″ x 3″1/2 high. Drawer scalloped in the front. Tournament size board 2″1/4 x 2″1/4 squares. Chess squares can sit above the table top or be flush with the top. Mortise and tennon joints. Photograph shows a longer table with two drawers. The squares flush with the table top. Table made from cherry, maple, walnut and ebony.
Price: $ 1,750