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Cord Wood Spiral Sculpture

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

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As you can see I have my wood for the winter. This cordwood spiral was built for Sculpturefest 2008 in Woodstock, Vermont.
This piece was inspired by the spiral, a universal round shape. As we see cordwood it is always in a straight line. I wanted to make an interesting shape and chose the round spiral. It is the cordwood that incorporates this shape into every day life.
The whole piece took 5 weeks to build. I began with the 12ft vertical in the center. How it stays up right, is a secret and will reveal itself upon a closer look.
Each piece is tapered with a chainsaw to produce a tight circle and each piece slightly slopes downward.
To my surprise it was as much appreciated by people walking inside as outside.
I will dismantle the spiral in July and use the same wood to build a new design for Sculpturefest 2009.